During December we established two main beds. The south side bed required a decent amount of dirt and compost if we wanted to achieve a resemblance of a level, raised bed. To start this off, I made a compost heap, which you can see me watering in photo 1. This is a combination of horse manure, leaves, grass and mulched branches. Most of this was collected from around our property. The horse manure we get from a local horse track. The cost is $5 a truck load.

This manure is not used to feed any existing worms in the yard, and is only used for ‘hot’ composting. The second photo shows the bed, once the compost had decomposed and the sleepers were placed down. The other bed we worked on during december was the bed below the balcony. We intend to use this area for an entertainment, sitting area.

Again, this bed is slightly raised, and we did introduce dirt, sand and gravel onto this bed.

For the collection of all this horse manure, materials and general gardening needs we found that the ford sedan most unsuitable. We decided to trade the car in for a 4 wheel drive ute. It has been well worth the purchase. The vegetables planted in the new beds were vigorous and healthy. Examples above. These photos show the corn,zucchini, lettuce, spinach, silver beet, pumpkin and peas.

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