In October we put in the first water tank, on the south side of the house, which you can see above. This tank is 1000 ltrs.

We also placed a pond, an old bathtub, in the middle of the back yard. The pond has since gone through several transformations, in the beds around it and in what has been living in the pond. The first stages show our establishment of a bed area around the pond, and one within the pon, and the planting trees around the pond.

John also made room in his shed for some carpentry projects. The first item he made once working room was established,was a nesting box for the chickens, visible in the above photo.

We also started to build another raised bed, this time on the top north side of the back yard. This bed was intended, and is still used as a semi to permanent herbs bed. We also began to establish a bed along the north fence.

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