spring in the kitchen

Falafel This recipe was devised from trial and error, after I read somewhere that Africans often use broad beans as a falafel base, which I can grow, unlike chickpeas from the sub tropics.

1.shell broadbeans and cook till tender. Drain and rinse. Mash or blend till a smooth consistency.

2. Add spices of choice, in powder form. I use cumin, coriander, curry, cardamom,  garama masala etc.

3. Add flour base of choice. I generally use plain flour, but have used rice flour, spelt and sifted wholemeal. Mix well until you get a dough consistency. How much flour you add will depend on the moisture left in the  blended broadbeans.

4. Make into small balls, flour lightly and  pan fry on both sides until slightly brown and firm, making sure each falafel is half covered in olive oil. This is on a medium to low heat. I then allow to cool, pack into containers and freeze until required.

We grow a lot of broadbeans over winter as both a nitrogen fixer for spring/summer crops and as a staple for our summer meals of falafel.  This is the primary use for broadbeans I have found that makes them actually taste great !

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