summer in the kitchen


Falafel in wraps

Falafel’s used are from the spring crop of broadbeans that I cook and then froze. Filling other than falafels primarily from the garden include :

Home made Tzatziki with summer cucumbers, lemons, garlic and herbs supplied from the garden. I usually buy a small jar of Alpines goats yoghurt from work for this sauce. I don’t use measurements. I really don’t like them after use my eye and taste after making the first batch of anything (hence my pen-chance for avoiding cake making) quantities are 1 to 4 cloves of garlic, about 20 mls of lemon juice, roughly 100mls of yoghurt

Tomato Relish This includes tomato, cucumber, chilli, garlic and possibly capsicum from the garden, diced into small cubes and then dressed lightly with vinegar and olive oil. (vinegar could be home made apple cider though I tend to use balsamic vinegar as well)

Lettuce mix This is sliced lettuce and/or rocket from the garden

These are all wrapped up Mt bread and an avocado : Estimated cost of this meal is around $2 for bread $2 avocado and $2 for yoghurt. extras such as olive oil and vinegar .  Over 90% of the meal is home produce. I love this one !!

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