After spending several years growing and cooking a variety of vegetables and pulses, I have decided to keep a blog on ‘home grown’ meals. That is, a meal in which I use a high percentage of food we have grown on our property.

I hope this will help me expand on my existing repertoire of sustainable and seasonal foods, and to share this with others with similar goals or those who want some ideas for their own home grown produce, anyone who is interested in seasonal eating or just looking for a new recipe.

Summer we are picking tomato, cucumber, zuchinni, beans of various varieties (some for drying), potato, greens, garlic. Fruits include stone fruits; apricots, peaches, plums, also apples and berries and various berries and more. Usually I spend a fair amount of time in summer picking and cooking

summer meals and stocking up recipes

spring meals and stocking up recipes

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