Urban Permaculture 2002

In August was we started transforming the weed patch in the backyard into a sustainable garden. As you can see from these top two photos, there was an innumerable amounts of weeds in the yard, that were smothering the small, wilting fruit trees that they surrounded. Other than the weeds, the only other item of interest in the yard, is the shed.

The main weeds I had to contend with were couch on the southern side of the yard, and the horrid, creeping sucker, buttercup, throughout the rest of the yard. Both of these noxious weeds were intermingling in a happy companionship in the middle of the yard

We decided to tackle the rampant weed issue by building raised garden beds,rectangular in shape, made from old red gum sleepers. On top of the beds we place a chook tractor, for roughly 3 weeks on each bed. The chooks make short work of any weeds that may have taken hold on the beds as well as fertilising with their manure.

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