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Picking Potatoes

This years crop of potatoes have been harvested and we are making a lot of gnocci ! Yum!!  The potatoes were grown on a bed of straw, which I then covered with horse manure and compost from the chicken pens. The compost wasn’t quite ready but it was good enough for the potatoes. I wasn’t expecting a brilliant crop as the ground they were being grown on was soil from the dam construction. The primary purpose of growing them here was to start working the soil for the future stone fruits we want to plant in this area.  While digging the potatoes up there were a few smart chickens that realised it was good pickings for bugs and worms !!


Waiting to get bagged

garden helpers


Pumpkin mix from All Foods Farm

End of April
Over the easter break I picked the last of our pumpkins, in total about 30, the beans; frangelotte, borlotti and Kidney, and picked the last of the tomatoes and ripened them on the bush.

Drying beans : Borlotti and Frangellote

03/03/11 Big cook up day ! The 7kg or more of chilli with garlic, honey and apple cider vinegar, and cooked on simmer for 6 odd hours until it breaks down to a thick chunky sauce. One of the bantams in the 10 litre cooking pot with celery, onions and herbs for chicken stock. Then broke up the chicken for risotto with tomato , silverbeet, garlic and fresh stock. Froze the surplus for later use. Made pate with the chicken livers, sage from the garden and a dash of port.

1/03/2011 Made cuttings of understory herb plants for the orchard amd picked more chilli. I sold over two kilo’s @ $14 a kilo and still have about 10kgs to cook up for personal use, with more still to come. We spent the weekend using the borrowed chicken plucker (video to follow) The machine was amazing, cleaned off the feathers in under two minutes. We even bothered to pluck the bantam roosters that had too go (too many) as well as doing the two roast dinners. Weights were 2.2kg, 1.5kg on the two Fav’s and about 700grams on the bantam wyndottes.

14/10/2011. Spent the weekend picking fruit and vegetables. Plums off the neighbour, Nashi Pears, Nijinksky, white nectarines, Packham Pears,  potatoes, and the borlotti beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and a large basket full of chilli’s. Cook up for the next few days.  Named the new favorelle rooster Lucky, as he is not a RD (roast dinner)

ninjinsky nashi pear

10/11/2011. Picked tomatoes and chilli’s at Heathmont, sold some produce to the boss, rhubarb, nectarines and chilli’s. Watched the chickens run around the back yard. Cook-up is pasta sauce, harissa and spicy plum sauce.


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