We have been practicing permaculture principles on our small suburban block in Melbourne Australia. During this time we have achieved a reasonable degree of sustainability. We have also increased our knowledge on various subjects that pertain to our achieving sustainable living, met interesting people who are aiming for similar goals and shared our produce and experiences with friends and family. During this growth period I maintained an online diary of the progress in our garden.

The old web site was designed into monthly paragraphs with pictures, illustrating what we had achieved in our yard. For the new web site I will continue to log our monthly progress as I found it the most effective way to keep a diary of the changes occurring in our yard. I will also be adding features and information to the new web site that we have found useful for our development.

In the first two years our progress was mainly in designing and establishing a sustainable back yard and the introduction of water tanks, grey water and water management. In 2004 we found ourselves moving into other areas that pertain to sustainable living, such as retro fitting our house, seed saving, propagation, grafting and more. The primary principles that govern these changes in our lifestyle derive from the philosophies of Permaculture. There has been a great deal written on Permaculture, thus, while I may make reference or quote examples from Permaculture on this web site I will not be adding to the body of works already available on this subject.

Our suburban block is located in the outer-eastern Melbourne, Australia. The soil on the property is primarily clay based. The house faces east- west, sitting towards the top part of the property. The back yard catches all of the afternoon sun and is slightly undulating towards the back of the property.

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