April : While I was planting out herb layers throughout the house orchard John spent a fair amount of time on his tractor with new parts. Digging out the vegetable patch pond, a insect and pest attractor for predators in the garden, and as a nurse bed for future dam plants.

May : The pond nears completion and we both spend time planting our trees, along the wind breaks and making sun traps with the design, as well as planting out a variety of bush foods plants in the ‘bush foods’ patch, visible from the front driveway.

June :  The pond is completed, and the run off is drained through the blueberry patch to help keep them in condition. The front house orchard is planted out with josterberries, black and red currants and an under-storey of  assorted herbs and flowers.

October : We built up some raised vegetable beds and a chook tractor designed to fit and move easily over them. We slashed the green manure crop planted over the paddock orchard and continued with planting trees on the property.

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