Winter time we planted as many bare rooted fruit trees possible, designing out the north orchard around the front paddock of the property. This is a relatively small area and we planted with a mixed orchard.

Apples included : James Grieve, Jonathon, Starks Earliest, Cornish Aromatic, Johnagold, Tasman/Democrat, Merton Worchester
Pears included : Packhams Triumph, Williams Bon Chrétien (graft Harrows Delight), Anderson, Corella, Packham (graft Anderson), Ninjinski (graft Shin Sui), Eldorado
Plums included : Satsuma (jap.blood) Elephant Heart, D’Agen, Coe’s Golden Drop, President, Santa Rosa
Cherries included ; Stella, Black Boy, Starburst
Figs included : Black Genoa, Preston Prolific, White Adriatic and Brown Turkey
Also planted were a persimmon and a persimmon (stringent), strawberry guava and chilean guava

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