I embarked on more hedgerow/shelter bet planting this year. The bee hives were struggling a bit in late Summer so I decided to start planting more nectary species in hedgerows that will allow bee throughout the property without having to cross empty fields.

Hedgerow Nectary

Hedgerow Nectary

I have planted approximately 600 tubes along two drains and in places that needed a windbreak. I found a supplier of milk cartons, which are easier to use than the plastic bag guards and only use 2 stakes. Some of the trees are a bit small and may not get much light initially.

It will be a few years before these trees produce lots of nectar, and perhaps I will need many more than I have planted for the expected number of hives. If only there was a formula ‘numTrees = K x numHives’ to work it out?

The species were selected mainly for Summer flowering times and water tolerance. Some of the eucalypts and the silver wattles will also be useful for timber.

  • Acacia dealbata
  • A. howittii
  • E. kitsonia
  • E. viminalis
  • E. strezlekii (similar to ovata)
  • E. cladocalyx
  • E. leucoxolyn
  • E. robusta (similar to botryoides)
  • Leptospernum lanigerum
  • Melaleuca ericifolia
  • M. squarosa
  • Banksia marginata
  • B. spinulosa

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