In February we purchased some ferns and shade plants for the area between the house and the south fence.

This area receives very little sun throughout the day, giving us minimal choices in what we could plant. We decided on attempting to make this a frog attracting area, with shade tolerant plants. Just visible in the first photo is an old tire, that we used to make a tire pond to attract the frogs.

In photo 2 the area directly below the balcony is growing a manure crop, and the area covered in plastic is a compost.

The raised beds on the south side of the yard and the south fence bed, were completed in February, and a winter crop

was established in these bed during late February and March. A lavender plant and two olive trees were planted in front of these beds, and horse manure and compost piled around this area, for soil improvement. The two olive trees will need to be moved from these positions before they become too large and established.

The overview photo of the back yard at the end of February. The chook tractor is resting on the first ‘finished’ bed.

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