South Gippsland Flooding

The Buffalo creek flooded over the road while we were away. There was no evidence that it had flooded over our property though, except the south west corner.

Carnage After Flood

The creek rises fast and falls fast, all the vegetation along the banks has been flattened.
Interestingly, there is a lot of sand on the banks now. Looks like all the silt and clay has been leached out.

The following picture shows are large dam that has no water in it.

Large Dam Drained

Further up the hill the reason is clear. The wall has failed. There may have been a stand of blackwoods behind the failed section which could have contributed to weakening the wall. I could not see a spillway either, but this may have been out of view to the right.

Dam Wall Failed Furing Recent Floods

At a rough guess this dam would have been of the order of 100 megalitres. The erosion and destruction in the gully down from the wall would have been comprehensive. I was not able to get down there at the time though.

The dam probably failed due to any or all of these reasons :

* woody vegetation growing on the wall
* insufficient spillway
* insufficient freeboard
* poorly constructed wall (eg keyway)

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