Rebuilding Engine

I picked the engine kit and a conrod up from Skatey. I took all the conrods and new pistons down to the Crankshaft rebuilders in Blackburn. Just before Easter, after several weeks I finally got a balanced set of conrods. I had to get a new set from Skatey in the meantime which delayed me a bit.

Engine Kit

I got to work on the block, installing the pistons and conrods.

I fashioned ‘sleave retainers’ out of plywood. The oil gallery bolts have the same thread as the cylinder head bolts. A couple of triangles of 9mm ply drilled for the bolts worked well.

Block New Sleaves

Block New Sleaves

The basic Sidchrome tool set (in the background) was the most useful thing I bought. The spanners were my buddies to coax the nuts to turn. Rather than my old set which were bastards trying to force the nuts and bolts.

Unfortunately, I broke one of the oil rings when installing the last piston. The ring compressor was most likely not tight enough. I think it was just luck I didn’t learn this lesson sooner, as I thought that tightening up the compressor too much might damage the piston and rings. So another few weeks go by and few more bucks.

In the meantime I ground the hood bolt off and the toolbox from the front axle assembly. Called Charlie a few days later but he will be away for a few weeks. Not to worry. He advised me that its usually not worth welding sumps to repair them. I look forward to Charlie making the repairs on the axel.

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