Broken Tractor

The old TE20 tractor broke down while slashing. The first con rod broke, taking out cylinder one in the process.

The remains of the piston and conrod.

Unfortunately the journal on the crank shaft was badly scored so basically means a full rebuild.

The sump case was damaged, I hope this can be welded to repair it.

Damaged Sump

Damaged Sump Case

The bore where the sleeve goes in number one piston has some small damage, a chip out of the bottom about the size of 1/2 a 10cent piece.

Engine Block

Engine Block Damage

Starting to strip the tractor down to get the block off.

I got an engine hoist to lift the block out, a useful addition to the farm shed if I have to split to tractor in the future.

The block is in the shed, ready to be dismantled. Shed needs a good cleanup first.
I will dismantle the block so I can have a good look at it to determine if it is buggered or not.
If it is OK I may rebuild it. Otherwise I might shop around for a second had or reco short motor.

Clutch housing is exposed. While the tractor is split it would be prudent to go over anything that may be worn, ie the clutch. May be even pull off the transmission to check.

In the bottom of the clutch housing was a broken bit of metal, not sure where it came from or if it was damaged in the breakdown. Will need to study the shop manual carefully.

The block is fully dismantled.

Engine Parts

gine Parts

Engine Block is on the stand, ready to clean up and then reassemble.

Engine Block

Engine Block

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