Poultry Auction 2013

We went to the Footscray Poultry Club auction on Sunday 24th Feb.  I was keen to get some OEG bantams to replace our brown bantams (OEG/Peckin Crosses). Kirsty was interested in getting some Gold Campines. We spent more than we should have on the following breeds :

  • Ginger OEG Pair $15
  • Duckwing OEG Pair $15
  • Duckwing OEG Trio $16
  • Corronation Sussex Pair $60
  • Gold Campine Trio $120
  • Blue Belgium Trio $45


Chooks Bought At Auction

Chooks Bought At Auction

Kirsty does not think the Ginger OEG cockerel is great, and he might have to go.

We decided to get the Coronation Sussex pair mainly to replace our existing Coronation rooster. He did not perform at all well this season, all the eggs were infertile.

The Campine trio was worth the money, they are very good birds. No one else bid on them.

I got into a bit of a bidding war on 2 lots of OEGs. In the end I concentrated on the one lot with the cockerel and let the other bidder win 3 lots of hens. The seller of two other lots of OEG (both pairs) lowered the reserve so I could not resist these lots at $15 each. Even though I end up with three roosters. Kirsty thinks the young Duckwing cockerel is good quality.

Kirsty could not resist a trio of blue belgiums ($45). No other bids.

So we ended up taking home 15 birds.

I will have to get busy building some more cages. But we can manage with the cages we have for now, after I put in a separating wall in the big cage.



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