Nuc Boxes

I made up some Nuc boxes this season for swarms, removals and splits. Now I have a total of 7 Nuc boxes. Three of them are painted dark green with hangers attached (for swarm traps).

So far they seem to work pretty good. I have caught 2 swarms, and transferred a colony in a barrel to a nuc.

I made these for about $15 each, all new timber. With 5 frames they add up to about $25.

  • 19mm pine board rebated along the top for the frames
  • 9mm ply for sides, bottom and telescopic lid.


The 6″ hole saw came in handy for cutting out some disks from scrap 7mm ply. These make effective disc entrances. One of the holes is covered with fly wire for sealing up with ventilation.

NUCS With Entrance Discs

NUCS With Entrance Discs


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