Another Swarm

Last weekend one of my hives swarmed. I was next to it (inspecting another box) when they decided to go. Bees pouring out of the entrance like treacle. It all happened so fast that I did not get a photo of the mass exodus.

Lucky for me the bees clustered low down (about 5 feet off the ground) in a Hakea tree nearby.

Swarm Cluster


I lightly sprayed the cluster with a mist of water. I heard that this discourages them from flying when you shake them off the branch.

I held up my NUC box underneath the cluster but fumbled the shake and half of the bees ended up on my arm and on the grass. The Queen must have got into the box as the grassed bees proceeded to run inside.


Swarm Running Inside


The NUC was sealed up at dusk and moved to its new location. We have a small concrete slab that is perfect for up to 6 hives. We now have two colonies (in NUCs) there.

The next morning I opened the entrance. So far they appear happy and are staying. So I am happy too!


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