Food Stores

One of Holmgren’s principles is ‘Catch And Store Energy’. And we try to follow this principle with storing food. We have been preserving for quite a few years now, but is something we could expand upon.

Our ‘under house’ pantry in our urban location is cool and ideal for storing bottled produce. Some of the foods we capture and store are as follows :

* olives
* honey
* pasta sauce
* potatoes
* pumpinks
* relishes
* jams

I once heard David Holmgren speaking, and he wondered why we use a Supermarket as our pantry. I think it is much better to have your own pantry.

As a backup for a dearth of produce, I also like to maintain a few months supply of the sort of staples and supermarket foods that we also consume. This is about (I think ) 50 days worth of food that we normally consume stored in our pantry.

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