Tidying Up The Shack

Spent some time cleaning up my shack today, got rid of a 70 litre bin of space junk after sorting through old boxes of electronics and computer bits. It is amazing the sort of stuff you hang onto. Some bigger ticket items that have gone are an old fax machine (who uses them now?), a  broken MIDI keyboard, a VCR (circa 1995), a couple of computer cases (sans power supplies).


Kirsty is happy that I am discarding space junk and so am I. But I can’t help thinking about the 5 R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle). At time of writing the e-waste has not gone so I will see if we can dispose of it without it ending up in land-fill.


Shack Desk With A basic Radio Shelf

I found some suitable timber in the shed to knock together a simple shelf to get started with. I added a little nook for the vhf/uhf radio to sit and there will be plenty of room for my HF rig under the shelf.

There is still a small mountain of paperwork to go through and file away, most of the paper that I was hoarding is now in the worm bin.



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