Toora Pear Pruning

In July this year we went to the annual Toora Heritage Pear Orchard pruning day.

Working bee at the Toora Heritage Pear Orchard

We have only done it a couple of times but it is always a good day. Not so many people turned up this time but we got through several rows of trees.

We pruned this tree heavily to get it back into shape

Most of the trees have been neglected and needed a lot of work to remove water shoots. The main mistake previous pruners had made was not to cut shoots and branches as flush as possible to the tree limb. This causes the cut to sprout many shoots.

Kirsty working on a pear tree

I also collected scion for my own pear grafting.

The following weekend I returned with a friend to impart some of my limited pruning knowledge and collect some more scion for a few varieties I decided I wanted after all.

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