First Mushrooms For This Year


Today we harvested our first mushrooms from the logs we inoculated about 6 months ago when we did the Mushrooms And Mycology course.


A Bloom Of Phoenix Oyster mushrooms


The first time we soaked logs to induce flowering the logs did not bloom, perhaps it was still a bit warm or the logs should have been soaked for longer. The ends of the logs showed that the mycellium had gone right through the log.


Mushroom Logs Ready To Bloom


The nights are now a bit colder so one of our other logs has started to bloom. I don’t think we will need to soak them now for a few months as they will all bloom.


Logs Soaking To Induce Blooming


One of the logs we soaked a few weeks ago has started to bloom. About 10 blooms are forming on this log.

Phoenix Oyster Mushrooms Starting To Bloom

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