New Breeds From Poultry Auction

Kirsty and I went to the Footscray Poultry club auction today. This was our first time at a poultry auction so we wern’t sure what to expect. I thought it was going to be a normal auction with the auctioneer selling each lot in turn. It was different as buyers write their number and bit on the card on the cage from 11:30am till 12:00pm. It was quite fun, going back and forth to cages to check your bids, eyeing people off near ‘your’ lot, and getting dirty looks from others when you check out ‘their lot. But all very friendly and good fun.

We spent $260 on 14 bantams

1 grey Australorp rooster
1 black AUstralorp rooster
3 black Australorp hens
3 Splash Australorp hens
1 pair Milli Fleur Belgiums
1 pair Grey Belgiums
1 pair black Langshams


I think the Australorp bantams will be a good ‘permaculture’ bird, low input, reasonable size eggs, decent layers. They are a well known and popular breed with good a good nature. The birds we bought are extremely tame, like pets. We can approach them, pat them and pick them up very easily. I am sure we will be able to sell these birds to backyard permies.

The Belgiums are more of a fancier’s breed and Kirsty was very happy to get them.

We are not sure about the Langshams, they are very similar to Australorps, having similar parentage. Kirsty says they are a bit more vicious that the Australorps.




Grey Australorp Bantham Roster

Black Australorp Bantam Rooster


Black Australorp Bantam Hen



Black Langsham Bantam Pair

Milli Fleur d’uccle Bantam Pair

Splash Australorp Bantham Hens

Grey Belgium Bantam Pair




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