Purple Gnocchi

Kirsty made gnocchi from some of our home grown purple congo potatoes. The potatoes are a little tough to push through the gnocchi maker but they tasted great. A very interesting colour too!

Tonight’s meal was almost all from our kitchen garden.

Bill Mollison once said that we should get rid of all our recipe books, the only ones you need are books on preserving. What we have growing in our garden and preserved in the pantry determines the recipe for the next meal.

Recipe approximate :

1 kg fresh picked tomatoes
1 onion
1 clove garlic
Several leaves and stalks silver beet
3 manzano chillis
1 tin tuna
1 kg purple gnocchi
1 zucchini

The only ingredients we didn’t grow was the tin of tuna and some olive oil. The dish is still delicious without the tuna.

We made enough for about 4 serves. Kirsty had a second helping and I get to take lunch to work the next day!

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