Orchard Finished

Last weekend we planted out 73 apple trees into our main orchard. Having the tractor running was a bonus as the 1/2 acre remaining needed to be slashed before planting the trees.

My attempt at using the mouldboard plough to create a swale and mound up the planting rows was a disaster, way too wet. In the end I convinced Kirsty that the swaling would probably not be very effective as a drainage system. In any case the 2 year old trees in the orchard have thrived even though it has been so wet.

I was really happy to get the 2 year old trees that have been in the grafting bed out, their roots were getting rather big.

The maiden trees grew well last summer and had good root systems but a lot smaller.

Now we have in our small heritage orchard :

* 100 heritage apples
* 18 different pears
* 15 varieties of plum
* 2 cherries and nectarines

We still have about 30 trees in the grafting bed, not sure what to do with them yet, there is still room in the main orchard for some pears.

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