Grafting For 2011

Here is a link to a list of the varieties I grafted this year :  Grafted Trees For 2011

Kirsty told me that she doesn’t need any more trees this year. Nonsense, you can never have too many fruit trees :-) Anyway I love grafting them. Kirsty found 3 varieties that were very popular at this year’s Petty’s Orchard festival (Prince Alfred, Lord Lambourne, Adam Permain). Most of the scion I collected from our own trees which was great. I only managed to propagate about 15 viable rootstocks. So some more work in this area is on the cards.

This year I made 25 or so MM111 trees for our orchard. It has been so wet that we have been unable to get trees planted into our orchard this spring. We have about 130 trees now in the queue.

25 double-graft trees (most of them have been potted to sell to acquaintances). Got some practice for grafting techniques like the ‘approach’, or ‘side’ graft. I still haven’t got proficient at it, but that’s ok, will take a while. We shall see how many take this year.

In the foreground are some of the freshly grafted apples, on the right are one year old apple trees and some pears we hope to get into the orchard this year.

It has been unusually wet through summer and winter this year. We have about 120 trees ready to go out but it has been so wet it has not been possible till now.


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