Tractor Test Run

Today I successfully started up the old tractor motor that I have been rebuilding for the last 8 months. This is very good as the ground is starting to dry out and there is a lot to do in the paddocks (slashing, orchard swaling, grading drive way etc). So getting the tractor going again is great.

It is probably not recommended but I wanted to make sure the engine valve timing was setup right before sealing up the timing cover. I was worried that I had not set the valves and timing up right, the instructions were a little bit vague.

Water was poured into the jacket and the correct amount of oil was added to the sump. No oil leaking from the sump and no evidence of water getting into the sump.

Did the usual things. Checked for spark on all the plugs (one was a dud). Blew out the jets on the carby with air compressor. Made sure fuel getting into float chamber etc.

The old battery was a bit tired (or may be new motor is higher compression/tighter and harder to crank).  With the truck battery  jumpered on she turned over nicely. But no start.

After retarding the distributor a bit she started to fire a bit (a good sign). More retarding and some choke was all she needed to live again.

I also noticed oil was coming out of the timing cover (it was not tightened on yet) which indicated to me that the oil pump was working well. I think I will still invest in an oil pressure gauge ($25), the old one is long gone and the sensor pipe has been clamped off.

All and all a good day for tractors.


After another day putting all the running gear back and fixing up the cam shaft locating plate. I took Bessie out into the yard. Some of the hoses needed tightening, some water leaking. Oil leaking from the gallery nuts (which I had not tightened properly), easily fixed.

After about 30 mins of running, watching, listening, adjusting, she seemed to be running well.

I slashed 1/4 acre of capeweed which desperately needed mulching up and another 1/4 acre where we plan to plant this years apple trees.

She still has an issue with the distributor (advance) so she is hard to start when warmed up.




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