New Grafted Trees 2011

Apples Grafted on MM111

MM111 is shaping up to our rootstock of choice, it is vigorous, fireblight resistant, tips root easily and is suited to range of soils.

Blemien Orange, Mutsu Crispin, Esopas Spitzenberg, Discovery, Bramley’s Seedling(2), Rome Beauty(2), Opalescent, Starks Earliest, Prince Alfred(2), Lord Lambourne(2), Adam Permain(2), Lady Williams,

Pears on D6

Napolean, Beurre Hardy, King Of The Pippins, Nijisieski, Chojuro, Ya-Li

Pears On Quince

Ya-Li (not sure if Ya-Li is compatible but will find out soon)

Double Grafts On MM102

MM102 is our preferred dwarfing stock, more robust than others like MM26 and tips root easily.

In Pots : James Grieve/Esopas Spitzenberg, Melba Early/Bramleys Seedling, King Of The Pippins/Eopas Spitzenberg, Melba Early/Blenhiem Orange, Melba Early/?, Starks Earliest/Rome Beauty, Opalescent/Belle De Boskoop, Opalescent/Cornish Aromatic, Discovery/Cox Orange Pippin, Starks Earliest/?, Discovery

Melba Early/Ergamont Russet, Melba Early/Blenhiem Orange


Grafted And Potted on 102 at Heathmont

Cox Orange Pippin/Rome Beauty, Cox Orange Pippin/Pink Lady, Cornish Aromatic/Opalescent, Melba Early/Opalescent, Discovery/Blenheim Orange, Rome Beauty/Pink Lady, Melba Early/Belle De Boskoop, James Grieves/Ergamont Russet, Cox Orange Pippin/Pink Lady, Esopas SpitzenBerg/Bramley’s Seedling/ James Grieves/Jonagold (2010), James Grieves/Gravestien(2010)


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