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Fruit Tree Grafting 2014

Beurre D’Anjou 15 Beurre hardy 15 Beurre Caprimont 23 Clapps Favourite 17 Conference 30 Dorendeau 14 Eldorado 20 Harrows Delight 15 Howell 15 Napolean 15 Jargonelle 10 Hosui 15 Danbae 12   Narabean 1 Mariposa 1 Satsuma 5 Robe D’Sergeant … Continue reading

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Portable Observatin Hive

I recently made this small single frame observation hive to be used for education and demonstrations. It is made out of cheap pine and uses lightweight perspex covers which are bolted to the frame.

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Bee Forage

Euclalypts Eucalyptus cladocalyx E. kitsonia E. leucoxylon E. viminalis E. elata Acacias A. mearnsii A. baileyana Leptospernum L. lanigerum Banksias B. marginata   Melaleucas M. ericifolia M. squarrosa    

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I finally got the skin onto the polyhouse frame. The hoops and skin did not cost anything. We recovered them from a nursery that was closing down several years ago. It is 7.5m by 3.6m and will be a very … Continue reading

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Orchard Chook Tractor

We tried out a new orchard chook tractor. This one was inspired by Joel Salatin’s pastured poultry book. It is a bit smaller but can accommodate 20-30 birds comfortably. Designed to fit between the rows of apple trees in the … Continue reading

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Shed Slab

I started concreting the large shed, in anticipation of getting under way with building the strawbale house. This space will be much more usable once it has a concrete floor. I levelled out the floor, and setup the formwork and … Continue reading

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Shitake Mushroom Bloom

  Finally got a Shitake mushroom before the slugs and slaters got to it. I think the oak logs used take a lot longer than the willow and elm logs we have also been using for the oyster mushrooms.  

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Oyster Mushrooms Blooming

Some of our logs are finally blooming heavily! These mushrooms are Phoenix Oysters. Very tasty! These logs were not soaked in cold water to induce blooming. They decided to bloom right in the middle of a 10 day heatwave, where … Continue reading

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New Beekeeper

A local friend of mine, JohnZ, is starting out with bees. I gave him one of my hives a couple of months ago. John has donated a few useful items to my farm workshop so when he asked about bees, … Continue reading

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Poultry Auction 2013

We went to the Footscray Poultry Club auction on Sunday 24th Feb.  I was keen to get some OEG bantams to replace our brown bantams (OEG/Peckin Crosses). Kirsty was interested in getting some Gold Campines. We spent more than we … Continue reading

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